Shrink Wrapped Scaffolding

Shrink wrap is a versatile product that solves weather protection and environmental containment problems.

The key benefits of shrink wrap sheeting are:


Because scaffold shrink wrap is shrunk ‘drum tight’ it creates an extremely robust cladding that does not flap or ‘self-destruct’ in high winds. This means less going back to repair detached sheeting and more happy clients & repeat business.


The ‘drum tight’ finish of Rhino Shrink Wrap sheeting, creates a ‘continuously bonded skin’ over and around anything it covers which creates a very smart and professional appearance.


As joins between individual sheets of shrink wrap are heat welded to create a sealed and bonded join, shrink wrap sheeting is ideal for creating highly effective environmental containment or weather protection. Shrink wrap is particularly good at adapting to awkward shapes as it can be cut, and heat welded ‘in situ’.

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